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"In Your Life, do not Focus on the Destination.


Enjoy your way."




Hi, I am Sami.

I am so glad that you are here.


I am happy to share my inspiration, thoughts, and positivity, to help you to experience a wonderful life, which you deserve.


My ambition is, that you find your inner power to bring the living light, the universal love energy, into different aspects of your life; in your relationship, happiness, work and health.


You can turn your life into a magic life and manifest what you desire, if you only believe in your inner power and abilities. My wish is to bring you to a state of an abundance and powerful mindset.


The knowledge that I share with you here, gives you a powerful mindset and manifestation power. Manifestations are mostly related to your mindset abilities. You can turn your limiting believe into an abundance mindset. This can be achieved in the conscious and most important on the unconscious level.



Connecting to your inner power


Inside each of us, there is a living light or divine energy that gives us life. It is the source of the universe’s existence. You can call it love energy, pure awareness, or other names.


If you can connect to your inner power, to this divine energy, you have a golden key, that can open a miraculous life for you.

By connecting to this love energy inside you, you get access to all the energy in this universe and incredible abilities. You will be connected to the source of abundance, health, love, and wealth.


Stay with me to show you the way to your true abilities.


We are the manifestation of divine energy

Manifestation of divine energy- manifestationwithsami - mindset - inspiration




Throughout my life, I have gained unique experiences

through the countless ups and downs of life.

Each of these experiences gave me a new perspective

on life and inspired me in amazing ways,

beyond my imagination.

With all my heart, I want to share this awareness

and manifestation power with you.

Together we can increase the collective awareness

and beauty in this world. 





It does not matter who you are, what your religion is or what you believe in.

We are all a manifestation of the light of God and in fact,

we are all ONE.


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Looking to hear from you

Let's stay in touch and raise together your manifestation power up, because you deserve a happier and healthier life.