7 Mysteries of the Unconscious Mind

How your unconscious mind works

7 mysteries of the unconscious mind

Your unconscious mind dominates your whole being. Here, I am sharing with you 7 Mysteries of the power of the unconscious mind.

If you know these properties, you learn how your unconscious mind works, and you can interact with your unconscious mind better.

By understanding the mysteries of the unconscious mind, you can utilize the power of your unconscious mind to help you to manifest your dream life. 


If you know about its properties and features, you can use the power of your unconscious mind effectively.


1.      The unconscious mind is very effective.


Your unconscious mind is very effective.







Only 5% of our cognitive activities such as decisions, feelings, actions, and behaviors are consciously formed, while the remaining 95% are performed by the unconscious mind.


2.      The unconscious mind does not differentiate between reality and what you imagine.


Your unconscious mind consider imagination as reality.

The unconscious mind considers all of your imaginations as reality. We can use this ability of the mind to achieve our desired goals through illustration. You should review your goals many times in your mind and pretend that you have reached it, because the unconscious mind is not able to distinguish facts from fantasy, it recreates them in your real world.


Have you ever seen a horror movie in the middle of the night? Have you noticed how your heart rate increases and you sweat? Although there is no real danger, you see how your heart beating increase. In fact, the main reason for this is that your unconscious mind does not understand the difference between the real situation and what you imagine, and thinks that you are in a real danger situation.


You can use this feature to attract your desired situation. For example, when you have a talk in a big lecture hall, if you imagine yourself several times before the lecture and in the days before while you are giving a successful speech, your unconscious mind will gradually begin to believe and you will not be stressed during the speech.


3.      The programming language of the unconscious mind are images.


The programming language of the unconscious mind are images.

The unconscious mind can be programmed through images. By seeing the images of our dreams in our minds, the unconscious mind understands them easier.


If you see the images with more detail and emotions, they can easily place in your unconscious mind.


I talked about this important property also in the self-hypnosis method. Any affirmation sentence, that you try to put into your unconscious mind, when you visualize them, your unconscious mind can get them many times better. 


4.      The unconscious mind is naive.


Your unconscious mind does not have a function of logic, reasoning, and analytical power.



The unconscious mind does not have a function of logic, reasoning, or analytical power and cannot distinguish good from bad.


So, it accepts all input information without any questions. Regardless of whether the information is true or false, the unconscious mind believes and accepts them based on their repetition, and connects them to each other.


5.      The unconscious mind makes your thought and expectation become a reality.


Your unconscious mind makes your expectation true.

Your unconscious mind will make everything you expect, becoming true.


For example, no matter how hard you try, if you think you will fail a test, your unconscious mind will adjust your mental and physical condition to make your expectation come true.


That’s why, when you expect something good will happen to you, a very pleasant issue will happen to you. But, when you are expecting bad news or a negative causal event, you will face with an unpleasant issue.


6.      Your unconscious mind is constantly finding evidence to enhance your current beliefs.


Your unconscious mind finds evidence to enhance your beliefs.


For example, If you believe that you are not good enough in your work, your unconscious mind will show you the smallest events around you as evidence of the validity of your belief.


If you believe that you are not beautiful, you are not clever, you are not a happy person - with this mindset, your unconscious mind will only show you daily evidences based on your believe. 


7.      To program the unconscious mind, the conscious mind should be silent.


The conscious mind should be silent, if you want to program your unconscious mind.



If there is no control of the conscious mind, the unconscious mind has more power and can accept all your indoctrination.


That’s why, through meditation or self-hypnosis, you can program easier your unconscious mind, because these approaches make your conscious mind silent.


The more effort from the conscious mind, the less the unconscious mind will respond. If you make more effort by your conscious mind, you will receive fewer responses from your unconscious mind.

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