Do This New & Powerful Gratitude Challenge in 2022
16. May 2022
This is a powerful gratitude challenge to improve different aspects of your life in 2022. I suggest you assign different topics to each day, write your gratitude affirmations for them, and show your active gratitude.
Harmonizing the Heart with the Brain: Master Key towards self-healing
14. November 2021
The Heart-brain harmony technique is the master key of all types of meditation towards self-healing. You will learn how to make coherence between heart and brain to heal the body instantly.

11 Effective Techniques to Boost Your Present Moment Awareness
13. November 2021
If you live in the now, you can enjoy every single moment in your life. If you want to boost your present moment awareness, use these 11 effective techniques.
The Power of Living in the Now
30. August 2021
Living in the Now means enjoying life to the fullest. Check here, if you are living in the present moment, or if you are catched in the past or future.

The best 15 Jesus quotes that fill you with peace and love
18. July 2021
These 15 Jesus quotes level up your mindset. They make your mind full of peace & your heart full of love. They enlighten your life. God is love, peace, wealth, abundance, and happiness.
15 Minutes Rule to supercharge your self-improvement
26. June 2021
Stay with me to show you, how by following the 15 minutes rule, you can supercharge your self-improvement. The 15 minutes rule refers to the power of small changes. This rule helps you to control your actives, your habits, and your daily life with much more awareness.

Synchronize Your Feelings to Manifest Your Desires
05. June 2021
To manifest your desires, you have to synchronize your feelings with them. Use this technique to improve your health condition, attract your dream job or your lovely partner.
Loose or gain weight with the law of attraction: 16 steps + 19 exercises (Part 2)
03. April 2021
Here you learn about the next 8 steps along with 10 practical exercises toward manifesting your dream body. So, learn how to use the law of attraction to lose or gain weight.

Loose or gain weight with the law of attraction: 16 steps + 19 exercises (Part 1)
03. April 2021
Use the law of attraction to lose or gain weight. Here are 16 steps toward manifesting your dream body. In the first part, you learn about the first 8 steps along with 9 practical exercises.
Why the law of attraction does not work for you?
01. March 2021
How can the law of attraction sometimes work for you and sometimes not? Find your own resistance, limiting beliefs, and inner obstacles to manifest whatever you desire.

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