Do This New & Powerful Gratitude Challenge in 2022

To Improve Different Aspects of Your Life

You can make gratitude a part of your daily life.  A more structured challenge can help you to practice gratitude consciously. So, try this powerful gratitude challenge to improve different aspects of your life in 2022. This powerful new gratitude challenge keeps you more energized, happy, and lively. 

This powerful gratitude challenge says:

  • Dedicate your gratitude to different topics on weekdays.

Assign topics to your days for example like this:

Saturday is the family day, Sunday is your day, Monday is the work & money day, Tuesday is the health day, Wednesday is the friends day, Thursday is the world day, and Friday is the goal day.

  • On these days, just focus on the topic of that day and be thankful for the small or big things about that topic.
Do 2 tasks every day of this powerful gratitude challenge: Affirm & be active.

 You should do 2 tasks every day:

  1. Write emphatic sentences of gratitude for the topic of the day. Repeat them at the beginning of the day, during the day, and at night.
  2. Extend your gratitude feelings to the universe with more power. You must show your active gratitude with some positive actions.

So, let’s make every day a special day:

Monday- Work & Money Day

Monday is the work and money day gratitude challenge.

On the work & money - gratitude day:

  • Do your work with more love and joy.
  • Be kinder to your co-workers than normally.
  • Show your love to your colleagues, your boss, and your work environment.
  • Be grateful for the job that you do.
  • Be thankful for all the money you have now and the money that is on its way to come to you.

Tuesday- Health day

Tuesday is the health gratitude day challenge.

On the health - gratitude day:

  • Eat healthier food than other days.
  • Do some sports.
  • Go for a walk or swim.
  • Be thankful for your health with all your being.
  • Write your gratitude sentences about every healthy organ in your body.

Wednesday- Friends Day

Wednesday is the friends gratitude day challenge.

On the friends - gratitude day:

  • Show your love, joy, and gratitude to your friends.
  • Spend time with them and share something beautiful with them.
  • Give your support to a friend and be the best company.
  • Call your friends and show that you care about them.
  • Write your emphatic sentence about the beautiful friendships that fulfill you.

Thursday- World Day

Thursday is the world gratitude day challenge.

On the world - gratitude day:

  • Be thankful for the beautiful things in this world.
  • Be thankful for the blue sky and the peaceful environment where you live.
  • Be grateful for every improvement in the world.
  • Appreciate all beauties around you.
  • Pay attention with more love to the world around you. 

Friday- Goal Day

Friday is the goal and dream gratitude day challenge.

 On the goal - gratitude day:

  • Be thankful for your goals and dreams.
  • Write your gratitude sentences that you manifest your goals and dreams with ease and love.
  • Make your feelings more positive about them.
  • Send these positive feelings to the universe.
  • Appreciate all your good feelings about your goals and dreams. 
  • Take some positive actions toward your goal.

Saturday- Family Day

Saturday is the family gratitude day challenge.

On the family - gratitude day:

  • Celebrate your thankfulness with your family on this day by being with them.
  • Tell them how grateful you are for having them in your life.
  • Either call your family member or visit them.
  • Remind them how much you love them.
  • Send them more love.
  • Hug them.
  • Write your gratitude sentences about their health and their presence in your life.


Sunday- Your day

Sunday is your own gratitude day challenge.

On Your - gratitude day:

  • Take the day for yourself.
  • Have special moments to be alone with yourself.
  • Be kinder to yourself than on other days.
  • Believe that you are valuable, so appreciate your uniqueness and all your good behaviors.
  • Write your gratitude sentences about all your beauties.
  • Accept yourself as you are and appreciate your body truly as it is now.
  • Acknowledge your commitment to doing this gratitude challenge.
  • Repeat them during the day, and be thankful for these feelings.


If you do this powerful gratitude challenge at least for 3 weeks,

  • you'll see huge improvements in different aspects of your life,
  • you'll cultivate mindfulness and appreciation in your daily life,
  • you'll recognize more positive aspects of each day.

So, why not give this gratitude challenge a try and see what happens?

Watch my video to learn more about this powerful gratitude challenge.