The Power of Living in the Now

If you look closely at the people around you, you see three categories of people. Let's learn more about the 3 states, we can live in.

Living in the Past, Future and in the Now

People who are living in the past
Living in the Past is boring and stressfull. You are living in emotions of the past.

1. Some people are always thinking in the past.


They always focus and think about previous upset events of their life. These people can never focus on what they are doing in the moment.


They are more tired, more depressed, and get more angry day by day. For them, life is no longer enjoyable, and it is very boring.


They are living unconsciously in the emotions of the past - nearly all the time.


People who are living in the future
You can not enjoy your life, if you are living in the future

2. In the second category are people who are constantly on the move.


They are always running and continuously looking for something in the future. They are living like they must prepare for something in their future.


They are worried about many things, which will never happen. So, they experience a lot of unnecessary anxiety.


When they achieve one goal, very fast, without enjoying it, they will focus on the next goal. Moments pass quickly for them. They can not calm their thoughts, bodies, and souls because they think they have to look to the future with a lot of work and efforts.


Even when they are doing something in the present moment, they still think about the next few moments and the things they have to do in the coming days. These people do not really enjoy their lives. When they mountaineering, they think only of the mountaintop. They do not enjoy the route.

People who are living in the Now
Life is much more enjoyable if you are living in the Now.

3. In the third category are people who do not care about the past.


They have forgiven themselves and others and know that the past no longer exists. They only carry the experience and lessons learned from the past.


For their future, they set a goal and make plans to reach this goal.


Then they start living in the present moment. They enjoy, what they are doing in the moment. These people have realized that there is no past and no future. What exists is only the present moment.


If you are not in this category of people, decide now and start living in the Now. It's much more enjoyable.


Live fully in the present moment

This moment is the only moment that exists.
Live fully in the present moment and enjoy your life much more.

You can only live in this moment. The past is over, and the future has not come yet.


Accept and let go of what has happened to you in the past.


Whenever you remember your past, skip it and repeat to yourself: I am at peace with the past, and I live in the present.


By living in the present and whatever you do in the present, you can determine the quality of your future life, too. Your words, thoughts, and actions at this moment will shape your next moments.


You can only live in this moment. The past is over, and the future has not come yet.
Enjoy the present moment.

When you live in the present moment, it means that with all your focus, you are enjoying every single thing you do.


When you eat, really think about the taste of the food you eat, not what you will cook tomorrow, or what you will do after eating.


When you go for a walk, think about the steps you take and enjoy the fresh air and nature.


Do not listen to music when you are walking. Only focus on your present moment.




Be in the present moment in everything you do.
No matter what you do - just be in the present moment.

If you do everything in your life with all your strength and focus, then you can enjoy life at the moment.


This moment is the only moment that exists.


Are you already living in the moment, or are you still living in the past or future?


Just take a breath and focus on your breath - it's one easy way to come in to the now.


Thanks for you time reading my article!


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